Quick getaway to Mahabaleshwar:

A couple of weeks ago the soaring temperatures and humid weather in Pune were getting too much to bear up with, which is why we escaped to Mahabaleshwar for a quick trip. A friend asked me to write post about my two day stay – because a “responsible blogger should be sharing her experience” with the rest of the world. Now I don’t really write about my travels, but when a dear friend, Varsha (who also reads every blog I post) asks you to do so – you got to, right? 🙂 So here we go – I’ve written what I felt you all needed to know when you’re budget travelling, read on:


  1. If you’re a girl gang travelling by yourselves, I know how freaked out your parents will be when it comes to your accommodation – is it safe? Where is it? Who? What? When? …..
  2. So if you’re looking for a safe, comfortable stay in Mahabaleshwar, you can head to Mayuri Cottage with your eyes closed.
  3. It’s a row of family owned cottages, with the owners occupying the ground floor. The stay is pretty much affordable, and the hosts are just perfect. The rooms are spic and span and quite spacious.
  4. They have a balcony with a superb view (where we sat chit-chatting, watching the moon late into the night and also shot off a few prank calls)
  5. Also, if you wish to have home cooked food during your stay, they are more than happy to oblige. Of course, they charge extra, but the food is damn good! We had two lunches here so yeah, tried and tested!
That’s me – looking for network to video call my best friend to show her the view I woke up to 😀


  1. If you’re a fan of expensive, luxurious looking eateries, go ahead. But if you are totally cool with experiencing the local cuisine, make it a point to head to a local restaurant. The locals suggested Hotel Hirkani to us, and we were delighted with their service. We had our lunch here for two consecutive days( there must be a reason why we came back right?)
  2. When you’re here, you have to try these three things:
    Strawberry with cream
    Corn bhajji
    Strawberry ice cream
  3. All these are made with the fresh produce from the farm which is just behind the hotel. You’re free to walk through the (maize, strawberry and French bean) farms too! ( we did so, sheher k log getting all excited seeing a khet)
  4. If you have some special food requests they love to cater to you. So if you want some non-vegetarian stuff (it doesn’t feature in their menu card) you can request them for the same.


  1. We just saw the Venna Lake from a distance – it’s actually at the peak of it’s beauty during the monsoons. So we didn’t really head there, even though the horse riding was tempting us to! We needed some reason to come back here again right 😛


  1. We did go to this much hyped place – your visit to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete if you don’t visit Mapro. They’ve tried their best to make Mapro an exciting place, which it is, to some extent. Going in, strolling around, sampling their free drinks at the taste stations and clicking photos was all we did here.
  2. Personally, I found it to be over-priced. Mapro’s cafeteria is expensive and if you actually compare, you’ll get the same stuff in a much lesser price in a local restaurant. I was under the impression that Mapro actually has tie-ups with farmers who have farms and fruit orchards – so ideally the products need to be way cheaper than others, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Mapro kinda disappointed me.


  1. This place is pure bliss. Our visit to this cheese factory was just amazing. You’re free to sample the variety of cheese products here and we’re sure you will end up buying one at least one of them. ( we picked the huge block of Smoked Cheddar Cheese)
  2. Don’t miss out on their Cheesecake pastry – I have dedicated an Instagram post to their cheese cake pastry – which is like a bit fallen from heaven above. The taste still lingers in my mouth…..
  3. Give their carrot cake a go, too. It was something I had for the first time and boy, it did not disappoint! Warm and fluffy, the cake just melted in my mouth!
  4. Click a lot of photos here – the Vintage horse carriage, the colorful butterfly top and yes, the huge white bougainvillea shrub that’s spilling with flowers here – are perfect to strike a pose here!


  1. Managed by the State Government, this center is lovely . And though we went there during off hours, the center is a botanical bliss with a huge variety if colorful flora on display in a pretty garden.


  1. We decided we’d go to a couple of points in Mahabaleshwar which we did. At Arthur’s Point, you’ll  meet a lot of notorious monkeys(beware of them)
  2. Also, there’s a guy who sells trendy footwear here – this footwear has a great life as each pair is stitched by the guy in your presence.
  3. Other points give you stunning views of Mahabaleshwar from different points – we couldn’t manage to do all, but the views we saw are still imprinted in the mind!


  1. Photographers, tag your cameras along – this is a paradise for photographers! You’ll come across unique sights which you would regret not capturing – so take the cam along!
  2. Pick your batch of fresh strawberries and mulberries.
  3. Go to the flavored chana-wala shop and take a pack of your favorite flavor after a round of sampling.
  4. Hats are super cheap here – find the right shop and pick out trendy hats!
  5. Accessories and wooden home décor items are really cool here – check them out.

While returning, on the way to Pune, you’ll pass via Wai and come across a dozen stalls lined by the road. Stop your car and buy a pack of authentic, unadulterated turmeric (haldi) powder from them. The little village is known for it’s organic haldi powder and masalas.

That’s all guys – If you require any help regarding stay or anything else while tripping through Mahabaleshwar, drop me mail or a DM (@bohemian__blues) – I’d be glad to help!